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                                                                            Outward Bound Learning/Training


Learning becomes complete when concepts taught in the class rooms are put to test in challenging situations in a natural setting. Content of lectures are forgotten soon, but experiential learning always remains in the subconscious mind. Hence the program is totally experiential learning without any classroom lectures. Behavioral patterns of individuals emerge in such simulated situations. Such behavior can be analyzed in a friendly environment which can help the participants to take corrective actions. Such experiences are then translated into work situations.

OBJECTIVE - To develop leadership skills, communication skills & team spirit, to increase self awareness & discover latent potential, to sharpen creativity, to assist in planning & executing time bound tasks, to deal with stress through relaxation techniques & to install the learning into the subconscious mind of the delegate using experiential methods.
Thus, the learning is never forgotten & will come to the aid of the delegate at the
required time.

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